The Strait Guys work-in-progress

Documentary, 4K, stereo, color, ca. 85'

Two feisty American seniors join forces with Russian and Korean visionaries to dare the impossible: linking the United States and Russia across the Bering Strait.

Mr.Greenfield (a.k.a. The Presidents' Tailor) work-in-progress

Documentary, 4K, stereo, color, ca. 80'

Born Maximilian Grünfeld in Pavlovo (then Czechoslovakia, now Ukraine), Martin Grünfeld survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald to become the most celebrated tailor in the USA. Together with his sons Jay and Tod, the 90-year-old legend runs a bespoke menswear empire catering to presidents and film stars. Now Martin's legacy is at stake: How will the Greenfields modernize their business while retaining the fine craftsmanship it was founded upon?

The Bomb Hunters 2015

Documentary, HD, stereo, color, 52'

A bomb victim, a small-town mayor and an intrepid bomb squad race against time to liberate their city from over 300 undetonated World War II bomb before they go off ...

Forgetting Dad 2008

Documentary, HDCam, stereo, color, 83', color

One week after a seemingly harmless car accident, a 45-year-old man suffers total amnesia. Christening himself the “New Richard,” he embarks upon a new life with a new wife far away from his family. Sixteen years later, his oldest son returns with a camera to investigate why his father’s memory never returned.

Homemade Hillbilly Jam 2005

Documentary, Super16 mm, stereo, color, 80’

Hillbillies haven’t died off; they’ve simply become neo-hillbillies. Three families of musicians in the Ozark Mountains of Southwestern Missouri give new meaning to the word “hillbilly.” Float down the backwaters, soak up some old time religion, savor a washboard duel, and bask in the neon lights of the pseudo-hillbilly showtown Branson. Lean back and merge into hillbilliness.

Heaven on Earth 2001

Documentary, Super16 mm, Dolby SR, color, 52’

Branson, Missouri. Some call it the new Nashville or the Las Vegas of the Bible Belt. Over the past ten years, nearly 40 theaters have shot out of the ground in this once sleepy Ozark Mountain town of fewer than 4000 inhabitants. Here in America’s heartland, country legends and television and stage stars from yesteryear have reincarnated themselves and offer up good ol' patriotic, Christian entertainment to six million tourists annually.

Good Guys & Bad Guys 1997

Documentary film, Super 16mm, Dolby SR, color, 73’

"Good Guys & Bad Guys" is a post-Cold War romp through suburban Los Angeles. In 1996, Rick Minnich returned to his native California for his ten-year high school class reunion to confront the right-wing suburban "patriots" who had made his life miserable during the Reagan era. The result is an entertaining and provocative look at what has become of the "Good Guys & Bad Guys" of yesteryear.

Short Films

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The Godfather of Bubbles
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