27 April Potsdam-Babelsberg, Germany
Rick's early short film "Delphi 1830" (3 min., 1993) that he made with musician and laser installation artist Robert Henke (Monolake) will be screening in the retrospective at the Sehsüchte Student Film Festival at the Film University Babelsberg "Konrad Wolf". Rick will attend the screening at 11 a.m. in Kino 1, and discuss it with viewers after the program. Watch the retrospective mash up featuring Robert Henke's music from the film here.

3 February Germany
Rick will be the guest on the German radio program "Zwischentöne" (The Sounds Between) on Deutschlandfunk from 13:30-15:00. It's a rare opportunity to hear Rick speak at length about his life in Germany and the US and his filmmaking, especially his current work-in-progress THE STRAIT GUYS. You can also hear him play some of his favorite songs from the past forty years.


8 November Germany
German public television station MDR is broadcasting a 30-minute version of MR.GREENFIELD under the title DER SCHNEIDER DER PRÄSIDENTEN (The Presidents' Tailor) at 23.05 in the strand "Lebensläufe" (Biographies). It will be dubbed into German. The film will also be available online in the MDR Media Library. The MDR cultural magazine "Artour" will also broadcast a 5-minute report about Martin Greenfield and the film in its 8 November program at 22:05.

4 November New York City
Not film, but sports: Rick has been a runner most of his life. In celebration of his 50th year on this planet, he will be making his marathon debut at the New York Marathon. Follow him online here.

9 August New York City
Rick and his team will be filming at Martin Greenfield's 90th birthday party at the Friars Club in Midtown Manhattan. Several special guests are expected to attend along with Martin's family and closest friends and colleagues.

23-28 July Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Germany
Rick will be re-tracing Martin Greenfield's path across Eastern and Central Europe together with Martin's on Jay and Jay's children David and Amy as well as his film crew. Some highlights include Martin's hometown Pavlovo (Ukraine) and the two concentration camps where he was imprisoned: Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Read about the trip here.

13 July Worldwide
Our crowdfunding campaign for MR. GREENFIELD met its goal, and we raised a total of $25,358 thanks to your help. This money will be used primarily to offset our expenses while filming with Jay Greenfield and his children as they retrace Martin Greenfield's path across Eastern and Central Europe next month. Sign up for our free updates to stay abreast of developments with the film. If you would still like to support the film, please make a tax-deductible contribution.

14 June Worldwide
In celebration of his 50th birthday, Rick will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Seed & Spark to support the production of his feature documentary MR. GREENFIELD about the legendary Holocaust survivor and presidential tailor Martin Greenfield. Now is your chance to join our film by making a pledge. We're offering wonderful incentives including signed copies of Mr. Greenfield's memoir MEASURE OF A MAN, tours of the Greenfield Clothiers factory in Brooklyn, New York, and custom-made suits by the master himself at phenomenal prices. Preview our campaign here.

6-10 June Gdansk, Poland
Rick will be a member of the international competition jury at the Gdansk DocFilm Festival.

23-28 May Brno +Ostrava, Czechia
THE STRAIT GUYS officially goes into production! Rick and his crew will accompany leading protagonist George Koumal back to his hometown of Brno, where he will visit friends and family and attend his high school class reunion. We'll also be travelling to Ostrava, where he studied mining engineering and worked part-time in a coal mine.

7-10 April Las Vegas, NV USA
Rick will be attending the Broadcast Education Association annual conference. He will be speaking on the panel "Documentary in the Age of Alternative Facts" about “International Collaborative Documentary Film Production in the U.S. and Europe: Mediating Between Different Cultures, Ideologies and Interpretations of Reality”. The panel takes place Tuesday, April 10, from 1:00 to 2:00pm, Westgate Hotel & Casino, Pavilion 3.


December Pittsburgh, PA USA
Rick will be screening and discussing his film FORGETTING DAD at 3 p.m. at Regent Square Theater.

7 December Moon Township, PA USA
Rick will be screening and discussing his 2005 music documentary HOMEMADE HILLBILLY JAM at 5:30 p.m. in Hopwood Hall, Patrick Henry Center at Robert Morris University.

5 December Wheeling, WV USA
Rick will be screening and discussing his film THE BOMB HUNTERS at 7:00 p.m. at the Ohio County Public Library. The free screening is brought to the library in partnership with Ohio Valley P.E.A.C.E. Complimentary beverages will be provided.

28 November Moon Township, PA USA
Rick will be giving an audiovisual ledture entitled "A Year in the Life of a Documentary Filmmaker". Come enjoy his humorous and heartfelt tales about his last year traveling the world while researching, filming, teaching, and having a jolly ol' time. The presentation takes place at 5:15 p.m. in Hopwood Hall, Patrick Henry Center at Robert Morris University.

10 November Pittsburgh, PA USA
Rick will be screening his films THE BOMB HUNTERS and THE BOOK OF LENINS as part of the event DOKUMENTARFILM: THE BERLIN CONNECTION at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. The screening takes place at 7 p.m. in the Melwood Screening Room. It will be preceeded by a workshop with Rick focusing on documentary cinematography from 1-5 p.m. Register here.

7 November Moon Township, PA USA
Rick will be screening his film FORGETTING DAD at Robert Morris University at 5:30 p.m. in Hopwood Hall, Patrick Henry Center. The screening will be preceded by a reception at 5 p.m. and will be followed by a panel discussion with Rick and with RMU School of Nursing and Health Sciences faculty members Dr. Holly Hampe, Dr. Janene Szpak, Dr. LuAnn Richardon and Christine Cregut, Social Worker, Washington Hospital. The event is being organized by the Center for Documentary Production and Study, Media Arts Department and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences at Robert Morris University.

2-5 November Chicago, IL USA
Rick will be attending the Railnation Chicago conference hosted by the National Association of Railroad Passengers at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel. He'll be meeting with railroad experts to discuss the Bering Strait tunnel and railroad project at the center of his film THE STRAIT GUYS.

19-20 October Washington, DC USA
Rick will be attending the Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival.

22-24 September Washington, DC USA
Rick will be attending the No War 2017: War and the Environment conference hosted by World Beyond War. The conference takes place at the American University Katzen Arts Center. He'll be meeting with peace activists, and will have a table set up to show excerpts of and sell copies of The Bomb Hunters. Drop by and meet Rick in person. While you're at it, schedule a screening of The Bomb Hunters at a venue of your choice.

1 Sept - 18 December Moon Township, PA, USA
Rick will be the "Documentary Filmmaker in Residence"at Robert Morris University just outside Pittsburgh. He will be teaching an undergraduate documentary course, putting on a photo exhibition, showing old films, working on new ones, and taking in all things strange in the good ol' USA. It will be his first time living there since 1995, so stay tuned for his musings about his "Re-Entry".

21-22 June Washington, DC, USA
Rick will be attending the Wilson Center - Arctic Circle Forum. Come by and say hi or contact him by email or on his US mobile 917-254-6015.

8-14 May Fairbanks, Alaska, USA
Rick will be attending the Week of the Arctic. Come by and say hi or contact him by email or on his US mobile 917-254-6015.

18-22 April Brooklyn, New York, USA
Rick will be shooting the pilot for a new documentary about Holocaust survivor and legendary tailor to five US presidents and countless movie stars Martin Greenfield. He can be reached by email or on his US mobile at 917-254-6015.

29-30 March Arkhangelsk, Russia
Rick will be attending the International Arctic Forum together with his Russian co-producer Vlad Ketkovich. He can be reached by email or on his mobile at +49-179-7911131.

9-19 Feb Berlin, Germany
Meet Rick and producer Gunter Hanfgarn during the Berlinale. It's a good opportunity to catch up with us to discuss THE STRAIT GUYS and other possible collaborations. Make sure to check out Gunter's production No Land's Song, which is playing in the "Lola@Berlinale" section at 10 a.m. on Monday, 13 February (accredited guests only). Contact Rick by email or on his mobile at +49-179-7911131.

16-22 Jan Tromsø, Norway
Rick and Russian co-producer Vlad Ketkovich will be pitching their work-in-progress THE STRAIT GUYS at Below ZERO at the Tromsø International Film Festival. Below ZERO is a financing forum for documentary films focusing on life in the polar regions. The pitch will take place on Saturday, 21 January.

10 Jan Berlin, Germany
Rick and co-director Matt Sweetwood will be presenting their multiple award-winning film FORGETTING DAD (original English version) at the MET Film School's monthly film series. This is a rare opportunity to see the film and discuss it with Rick and Matt. Screening at 17:30 at the YouTube Space screening room, BUFA, Oberlandstr. 26-35, 12099 Berlin. The screening is free and open to the public. Drinks and snacks will be provided.


6-11 Dec Worldwide
It's time for the Great Holiday Season Giveaway! Stream (almost) all of Rick's films for free and buy downloads and DVDs at half price until midnight PST Sunday 11 December. Details here.

20-26 Nov The Netherlands
Rick will be attending the Forum at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. Schedule a meeting with him to discuss his current projects THE STRAIT GUYS and SEARCHING FOR LENIN'S HEAD. He can be reached at info@rickfilms.de or mobile at +49-179-7911131.

28-30 Oct Germany
ick and German producer will pitch their long-term project THE STRAIT GUYS at the Leipzig Networking Days. Come see the fruits of their hard work this year at the Documentary Campus Masterschool and bring a sack of cash to help make their film become reality!

27 Sept - 23 Oct USA
Rick will be traveling all around the US to research and film for his long-term project THE STRAIT GUYS. Follow him on Facebook to keep up to date. Watch the latest teaser and let us know what you think.

7 - 21 Sept UK / Latvia / Russia
Rick will be researching in London and Moscow for his long-term project THE STRAIT GUYS. He will also attend Baltic Sea Docs in Riga as an observer.

2 - 6 August Limassol, Cyprus
Rick will be attending the second session of the Documentary Campus Masterschool, which is taking place during the Lemosos International Documentary Film Festival. Rick will remain in Cyprus throughout August, so if you're on the island and want to meet, drop him a line.

21 July worldwide
Linda Poon of The Atlantic CityLab interviews Rick about his film The Bomb Hunters and the situation of unexploded WWII ordnance in Germany.

8 - 17 July Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malayia (Borneo)
For the second year straight, Rick will be a mentor at the Sabah Film Academy. Together with his colleagues from the US, Spain and Malaysia, he will help local filmmakers make two short documentaries and two short fiction films. The films will premiere during the award ceremony of the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival.

6 - 10 June Sheffield, UK
Rick and producer Gunter Hanfgarn will be attending the first session of the Documentary Campus Masterschool, which is taking place immediately before Doc/Fest Sheffield.

1 May Berlin, Germany + worldwide
Rick's 1996 short film "The Book of Lenins" has been beautifully restored from the original 16mm negative and is now available for streaming and downloading here. The 24-minute film follows Rick as he travels across Eastern Europe and the former USSR to photograph statues of the Russian Revolutionary Vladimir Ilyich Lenin before they get torn down. The head is now on display at the new exhibition "Unveiled - Berlin and its Monuments" at the Zitadelle in Berlin-Spandau. The excerpt of Rick digging up the head of the Berlin Lenin statue can be viewed on the media table in the same room there.

11 February worldwide
The new Rickfilms newsletter is out. Get the inside scoop on what Rick did in 2015 and what he has in store for 2016. Identify the photo at the end of the newsletter and win a free film. Make sure to sign up for future newsletters.

22 January Europe
Director Rick Minnich and producer Gunter Hanfgarn have been selected to participate in the Documentary Campus Masterschool with their project The Strait Guys. The prestigious training program helps filmmakers prepare their documentary film projects for the international marketplace. The Strait Guys is a documentary road movie which follows the adventures of feisty seniors George and Joe as they travel the globe lobbying for their lifelong dream to build a tunnel connecting Russia and the USA beneath the Bering Strait. Watch the teaser here.


8-14 November São Paulo, Brazil
Rick will be attending Doc SP and Telas Forum to present his work-in-progress The Strait Guys.

1 November Germany + online worldwide
Lenin again! Rick will be one of the people portrayed on the evening TV magazine program Kowalski & Schmidt on RBB-TV. Watch Rick talk about how he and his colleagues dug up the head of the giant Lenin statue in East Berlin in 1994, as well as his plans for his new film about the fate of Lenin statues in the former Eastern Bloc. The show begins at 18:30 CET. In German.

28 October - 1 November Jihlava, Czech Republic
Rick will be participating in the Inspiration Forum at the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

10 September ARD television, Germany + online worldwide
On the occasion of today's excavation of the head of the giant Berlin Lenin statue, the nightly news program Tagesthemen did a short report on Rick's 1994 excavation of the very same statue for his short film The Book of Lenins and his plans for a sequel. Rick comes at 24:00. In German.

24 July worldwide on BBC World Service
Rick will be a live guest on the BBC World Service program "Newsday" airing at 7:15 a.m. GMT. He will be discussing his 1994 excavation of the Berlin Lenin statue for his short film "The Book of Lenins" and the recent stir about the upcoming excavation of the head of the statue for an exhibition in the Zitadelle Museum in Berlin-Spandau. Rick has been in the news a lot lately about this subject so stay tuned for more news.

31 May - 11 June Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia
Rick will be head of studies of the Sabah Film Academy in Sabah, Malaysia (Borneo) during the Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival. His film Forgetting Dad will screen during the festival on 6 June at 8 p.m. at Auditorium JKKN. View the entire festival schedule here.

20 May Berlin, Germany
Rick will be the filmmaker guest for the month of May at Shortcutz Berlin. Beginning at 8 p.m., he will show a 30-minute selection from his various films of the past few years and tell behind-the-scenes stories. Venue: Lagari, Pflügerstr. 19 / Ecke Nansenstr., 12047 Berlin-Neukölln. Bring some spare change for merchandise.

24 March Berlin, Germany
Rick will be this month's guest at the NPR Berlin Monthly Salon. Come see him show a selection of his films from this 25 years of filmmaking in Berlin. Venue: Shakespeare & Sons, Warschauer Str. 74, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain. Begin: 5:30 p.m.

10 March Germany
Rick's new film The Bomb Hunters will have its broadcast premiere on German TV RBB at 9 p.m. It is the second film of a two-part broadcast about Oranienburg then and now. The film can be watched in the RBB Mediathek for seven days following the broadcast.

5 March Oranienburg, Germany
Sneak preview
of Rick's new film The Bomb Hunters at Filmpalast Oranienburg. The screening is at 8 p.m., and will be followed by a Q & A with Rick, Oranienburg's mayor Hans-Joachim Laesicke, retired head of the bomb disposal service in the state of Brandenburg Horst Reinhardt, and other special guests. Tickets are free and can be reserved at the theater hotline: +49-3301 70 48 28.


30 October Hollywood, California
Rick will attend the first day of the Getting Real Documentary Film Conference.

3-5 October Berlin, Germany
Rick will be particpating in the Dok Hackathon Berlin, organized by the Interactive Media Foundation and Netzdoku (Mathilde Benignus, Frédéric Dubois). Over the course of three intense days, he will create a short web documentary in collaboration with a small group of journalists, designers, programmers, illustrators and animators.

August - October worldwide
Rick is making headlines again for his spectacular 1994 excavation of the 19 meter (60 feet) tall statue of Lenin in East Berlin with his fearsome colleagues for the film The Book of Lenins. The City of Berlin now wants to dig up the head to put it in an exhibition, but claims no one knows where it is. But Rick knows, and has been interviewed in the Berliner Zeitung, Neues Deutschland, on German TV RBB, Russian TV and Czech TV, to name but a few.


12 November Berlin, Germany
Rick is the recipient of a 4000 Euro development grant from the DEFA Foundation to develop his new feature documentary about the neverending efforts of the people in the small German town of Oranienburg to find and eliminate the estimated 300 remaining WWII bombs lurking beneath the surface, ready to explode at any moment.

22 October Berlin, Germany
Rick will be one of three guests at the "Talk in Kiez" live talk show at the Haus der Sinne
Ystader Straße 10 in 10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. The bimonthly event introduces residents of the Gleimviertel to their neighbors in a relaxed atmosphere. Admission is free. The doors open at 19.00 and the discussion begins at 19:30.

1 October and beyond worldwide
Watch the short portraits of the brains behind the new open access publishing platform ScienceOpen, which Rick recently made for their website.

28 August and beyond worldwide
Rick is the featured guest on the latest edition of the Deutsche Welle TV program "Insight Germany." The 45-minute conversational show features a foreigner living in Germany. Hear Rick talk about his life in Germany, filmmaking, family, and how he copes with homesickness. While you're at it, check out "Forgetting Dad" co-director Matt Sweetwood's appearance on the same show last year. All episodes of "Insight Germany" can be viewed online for free worldwide.

16 May onwards worldwide
Take a look at the short portrait of the Berlin potter Susanne Protzmann which Rick made together with his colleague Alberto Herskovits. Be sure to turn on the English subtitles if you don't speak German.

April onwards Berlin, Germany
Rick has joined the team of tutors at MET Film School Berlin. He will be teaching documentary filmmaking in various courses. See the school's website for details. MET Film School is a private film school founded in London in 2003. The Berlin campus opened in 2012. All classes are taught in English by active members of the film industry, and are open to budding filmmakers from around the world.

28 March Poland
Read Katarzyna Surmiak-Domanska's in-depth, four-page interview with Rick in Poland's esteemed daily newspaper Wyborcza on the occasion of the Polish television broadcast of Forgetting Dad.

8 March Worldwide
Rick's film Branson - Heaven on Earth about the golden age of Bible Belt showtown Branson, Missouri is now available on DVD on Amazon.com. Place your orders, spread the word, and write a customer review.

13-15 January Milan, Italy
Rick will be heading south to continue work on his Bering Strait project, currently called "The Strait Guys". Several of the film's contributors will be presenting their monumental Bering Strait Tunnel project at the global infrastructures conference as part of the Triennale di Milano at the fabulous Triennale Design Museum, and Rick will be there to film the spectacle.


29 November onwards Berlin-New York and beyond
Rick is now a proud member of the symbologie. brand design consultancy based in Berlin and New York. This high-powered, multi-disciplinary network of creative professionals will be Rick's new home for commercial projects. He will be in good company with several of his collaborators from his long films as well as numerous very talented professionals from a wide range of design disciplines.

15 - 21 November Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Rick and producer Gunter Hanfgarn will be pitching their new project "Crossing the Bering Strait" at the Round Table Pitches at the FORUM section of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. They are the third pitch team in the 9 a.m. block on 21 November at the Compagnietheater, Kloveniersburgwal 50. The Forum is open to accredited Forum delegates only. Rick is thrilled to be returning to IDFA, where Forgetting Dad won the Special Jury Award in 2008.

16 - 20 October Sibiu, Romania
Rick will be an expert at the 2nd session of the Doc Stories Black Sea workshop. He will be screening Forgetting Dad and giving a presentation about the intersection of investigative and personal documentary filmmaking. He will also be tutoring filmmakers from the Black Sea region on their current documentary films. Screening at the Astra Film Festival, Wed. 17 October 19.00

11 - 20 May Warsaw, Poland
Rick will be in the jury of the Millenium Competition for feature-length documentaries at the Planete Doc Film Festival. Check out the terrific program here.

1 February Worldwide
At long last, "Heaven on Earth," Rick's award-winning film about Bible-Belt showtown Branson, Missouri is now available for online streaming and download via the easy-to-use, filmmaker-friendly platform Distrify. Enjoy this colorful film about Branson during the "good ol' days" in the comfort of your own home. You can also earn some spare change through Distrify's affiliate program when you tell your friends and family about the film.

5 January The Netherlands
Slightly more than three years later, Forgetting Dad is returning to the site of its world premiere, this time for the Dutch TV premiere on Nederland 2. The one-hour version will be screening in English with Dutch subtitles at 23:40 tonight. More info on Holland Doc. Tune in and spread the word!


5 - 9 December Guangzhou, China
Rick will be pitching his project CROSSING THE BERING STRAIT at the GZ DOC Documentary Film Festival.

3 - 7 November Canada
Rick will be presenting FORGETTING DAD at the annual conference of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation ISSTD in Montréal.

27 October Germany
Rick will be the Special Guest at the ShortCutz Berlin Session #26. He will show some of his shorts films and trailers of his long documentaries and discuss them with the audience.

25 - 30 September Germany
HOMEMADE HILLBILLY JAM is the highlight of the week on the German Pay-TV channel Planet. This is the German TV premiere of the film at last. It will be show daily until the end of the month. Please check the Planet TV website for the exact times. By the way, the heroes of the film, Big Smith just put out a new album. Get it here.

18 - 30 September Germany
HEAVEN ON EARTH is the highlight of the week on the German Pay-TV channel Planet. The film will be show daily until the end of the month. Please check the Planet TV website for the exact times. HEAVEN ON EARTH is ten years old now and still going strong!

15 September worldwide
Check out the new short film THE GODFATHER OF BUBBLES, which Rick made together with German photographers Annette Wulff and Jan Lieske during the Freelens Multimedia Workshop in Berlin, Sept. 6-11. Combining video and photography, the three artists created an intimate and heartwarming portrait of Polish-born soap bubble artist Pjotr Szczeniowski and his daughter Patrycja, who are at the heart of the European soap bubble scene. The workshop was conducted by photographer Uwe H. Martin and mediamaker Oliver Eberhardt. Watch all the three workshop films here.

14 June
The deluxe edition DVD of FORGETTING DAD is now available. The DVD features the complete film plus sixteen minutes worth of outtakes which offer answers to many of the questions we've been hearing over the past two years. Plus you can see directors Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood on the Talk of the Day talk show at the world premiere at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. The DVD is available exclusively through the film website. All orders can be paid with PayPal or credit card and will be shipped within 24 hours. Order now, and receive the DVD in time for Father's Day, June 19th!

14 June Los Angeles, California, USA
Rick will be a featured guest on the highly-regarded Center Stage with Mark Gordon radio show tonight from 7-8 p.m. on KXLU 88.9 FM in Los Angeles. Listen live or via the Internet. Rick is scheduled to go on at around 7:45 p.m. but tune in early just in case.

19 - 30 June California, USA
Crowdfunding campaign for the Father's Day Film Tour + DVD release launched! FORGETTING DAD is finally coming to Rick's home state and back to where most of the film was shot. Come see it in Los Angeles, San Francisco and possibly in a few places in between. And order the deluxe-edition DVD when it comes out on Father's Day (19 June). Please spread the word and make a contribution to the campaign. There are lots of great perks including DVDs, posters, free tickets, private screenings and scrumptious cakes and cupcakes from Rick's niece Yasi.

22 March Bremen, Germany (and worldwide via Internet radio)
Tim Schomacker will interview filmmaker Rick Minnich on his monthly radio show "Freisprecheinrichtung" at 11 p.m. It will be a free for all discussion (in German and English) about memory, "Forgetting Dad" and anything else that pops up. Tim interviewed Rick back in January and is a fantastic interviewer. So if you're up late, tune into radioweser.tv UKW 92,5 in Bremen or check out the archived podcast.

11 February Berlin, Germany
The Berlinale at last! "Forgetting Dad" will be screening in the CinemaxX 1 on Potsdamer Platz at 15:30. Rick, Matt and the rest of the crew will be in attendance.

30 January Bremen, Germany
Rick will be attending the screening of FORGETTING DAD at 20:30 at the Kino 46 in Waller Heerstraße 46. It is the closing event of the 35. literarische Woche Bremen, put on by the Rudolf-Alexander-Schröder Foundation. This year's event runs from 18-30 January and has the motto "What's Missing ... What Remains - Strategies of Remembering and Forgetting in Literature, Art, Film and Science." Sounds like FORGETTING DAD is a perfect fit! Listen to a lengthy podcast with Rick Minnich (in German) here.

14 January Berlin, Germany
German Film Award short list announced: We just found out today, that “Forgetting Dad” is one of twelve films to be shortlisted for the German Film Prize (Lola) – the German equivalent of the Oscar – in the documentary category. Now the 1300 members of the German Film Academy will select the two nominations, which will receive a sizable amount of funding for new projects. The nominees will be announced on 11 March.
Meanwhile, all shortlisted films will screen next month in the new section of the Berlin International Film Festival – “German Cinema – LOLA@Berlinale,” which is part of the European Film Market.
Here is a complete list of all shortlisted films (documentary, narrative, children’s film).


18 December Berlin, Germany
FORGETTING DAD will be screening as part of the exhibit "Transatlantic Impulses - 15 Years Villa Aurora" at the Akademie der Künste am Hanseatenweg. Rick prepared the main shoot of FORGETTING DAD while in residence at the Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades in November 2006, and is thrilled to be able to show the completed film as part of the Villa's 15th anniversary program. The exhibition runs from 3 December 2010 - 2 January 2011. The film program on 18 December begins at 16.00. FORGETTING DAD will be shown at around 17:20. Rick will be in attendance. Admission €5 normal, €3 discounted.

19 November Potsdam, Germany
Directors Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood have the honor of presenting two of their films as part of the SOURCES2 scriptwriting workshop taking place in Potsdam. It's a rare opportunity to hear the two discuss in detail the making of FORGETTING DAD. The film will be shown in English with German subtitles (OmU) at 5 p.m. followed by their lecture in English at 6:30 p.m. This will be followed by an audience discussion and a reception in the foyer of the Filmmuseum. At 8 p.m. Rick and Matt's first collaboration, the music documentary HOMEMADE HILLBILLY JAM (English with German subtitles), will be shown - a rare opportunity to see this evergreen on the big screen in the lovely Filmmuseum. Don't miss it!

3-8 November Sheffield, England
Rick will be attending Sheffield Doc/Fest to present his new project IBOGAINE - THE WAY OUT? as part of the Seize the Future Crowd Funding Pitch. He and five other filmmakers will be competing for the $3000 pot. Come witness the spectacle Saturday, 6 November at 16:30 at the Lyceum Theatre. Rick can be reached on his mobile at +49-179-7911131 or by email at rick@rickfilms.de. And please embrace this new way of funding to become involved in Rick's new project from the ground up. All kinds of VIP perks, including guided tours of Berlin with Rick, await you!

27 October Würzburg, Germany
Rick will be attending the screening of FORGETTING DAD and discuss the film together with Germany’s leading memory researcher Prof. Hans Markowitsch. Afterwards Prof. Markowitsch will give a workshop on memory and memory loss. More information and registration here.

14-17 October Barcelona, Spain
Rick will be attending the International Ibogaine Conference as part of his research for his new project "Ibogaine - The Way Out?" Please check out Rick's crowd funding site and help him get this project off the ground.


1-6 September Kos, Greece
Rick will be in the jury for mid-length films at the 2nd Ippokrates Health Film Festival on the lovely Greek island of Kos, birthplace of the father of modern medicine – Hippocrates. Rick was here last year for the first edition of this terrific festival on films about health-related issues. FORGETTING DAD even walked away with the audience award! All screenings are free to the public. Come join the lively 'Agora' debates on the town square every day at noon.


30 August Berlin, Germany
Rick will attend a special screening of FORGETTING DAD at the Kino Toni in Berlin-Weissensee, hosted by the Berliner Film- und Fernsehverband e.V. Screening at 20.00 followed by Q & A with Rick. Meanwhile, the theatrical release continues across Germany. All dates and times here.

28 June - 4 July London, UK + Paris, France
Rick will be in France and England researching for his new project "Crossing the Bering Strait." He will also be attending the "Seize the Future" workshop with Peter Broderick and Sandi Dubowski in London on 2-4 July. The event is being hosted by BritDocs and Doc/Fest Sheffield.

23 + 27 June Berlin, Germany
Rick will be present at the 6 p.m. screening at the Kino in der Brotfabrik on 23 June and at the 5:30 p.m. screening at Sputnik Südstern on 27 June. Drop by to see the film and ask Rick all those questions you've been dying to ask him.

7-17 June Shanghai, China
Rick will be attending the Shanghai TV Festival, where FORGETTING DAD is screening in the
documentary competition – The Magnolia Awards. After the festival, he'll attend the Expo, and will travel to Beijing for a few days to meet with new contacts made there and at Guangzhou last December, as well as research for a potential new project in China. He can be reached by email at rick@rickfilms.de or on his Chinese mobile: +86-1-5811532324.

6 June Germany
Rick will be the featured guest on the German television talk show NDR Das! airing from 18:45-19:30.

5 June Germany
Rick will be the featured guest on the most popular film radio program in Germany – "Zwölf Uhr Mittags" ("High Noon"), hosted by Knut Elstermann on Radio EINS (95.8 FM) in Berlin and Potsdam.

3 June Germany
Theatrical release of FORGETTING DAD throughout Germany through W-Film. Co-directors Rick Minnich and Matt Sweetwood will be touring around the country for a few weeks. Look for other crew members and special guests at selected screenings. Details of cities and dates can be found here.

23-28 April Washington, D.C.
Rick will be attending the World Russia Forum, taking place 25-27 April as part of the research for the film he's developing about the Bering Strait. He can be contacted there by email at info@rickfilms.de or on his US mobile: 916-290-2062.

14-21 April
Berlin, Germany
Rick will be in the documentary jury at achtung berlin - new berlin film award, where FORGETTING DAD received an honorable mention prize last year.

6 April Berlin, Germany
Press screening of FORGETTING DAD at Filmkunst 66, 15.30. Press contact: Miriam Pfüger at W-Film: miriam.pflueger@wfilm.com

30 March Israel
National broadcast premiere of FORGETTING DAD on Noga Communications Channel 8, 21:05.

30 March Munich, Germany
Press screening of FORGETTING DAD at Neues Gabriel Kino, 11.00. Press contact: Miriam Pfüger at W-Film: miriam.pflueger@wfilm.com

29 March Hamburg, Germany
Press screening of FORGETTING DAD at Kino Abaton, 15.00. Press contact: Miriam Pfüger at W-Film: miriam.pflueger@wfilm.com


7-20 December Guangzhou + Beijing, China
Rick will be traveling to China, where FORGETTING DAD
is screening in the international competition of Asia's largest documentary film festival – GZDOC in Guangzhou. Rick will participate in the industry events there from 7-11 December, then travel to Hong Kong and Macao before heading to Beijing for a special case study of FORGETTING DAD at the Beijing Film Academy as part of the iDocs Beijing International Documentary Forum.

12-22 November Denver, Colorado + St. Louis, Columbia and Springfield, Missouri
Rick will be on a mini-Midwest tour with FORGETTING DAD. See SCREENINGS for times and locations.

3-8 Nov Berlin, Germany
Rick will be in the documentary jury at the 35th International Short Film Festival Interfilm.

23 Oct Ludwigshafen, Germany
Rick and Matt will receive the William Dieterle Film Prize (Special Prize) for FORGETTING DAD. The award is presented every two years, and is named after Ludwigshafen's very own William Dieterle (1983-1972), who made a name for himself as an actor and director in Germany and in Hollywood.

10-17 Oct Ourense, Spain
FORGETTING DAD is screening in the documentary competition at the 14th Festival de Cine Internacional de Ourense. Rick will be present at all three screenings on 13 + 14 October.

3 Oct Eberswalde, Germany
Rick will put in a personal appearance at a rare screening of HOMEMADE HILLBILLY JAM, which will be the opening night attraction at Filmfest Eberswalde. The week-long festival only half an hour north of Berlin is dedicated to films with rural themes. It's a great chance to see the film and pick up a DVD, T-Shirt and Big Smith CD.

1-6 Sept Kos, Greece
Greek premiere of FORGETTING DAD in the feature-length film competition at the 1st International Health Film Festival on the isle of Kos, birthplace of Hippocrates. This is the first edition of an exciting new festival devoted to films about health-related issues. Rick will be in Kos all week, and will present FORGETTING DAD personally.

18-21 June Dublin, Ireland
Come see FORGETTING DAD premiere at the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival in Dublin.
Screening at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, June 19th.

12-14 June Gortakhork, Co. Donegal, Ireland
18-21 June 2009, Dublin, Ireland
12-14 June 2009, Gortahork, Co. Donegal, IrelandIrish premiere of FORGETTING DAD at the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival in this remote corner of Northwest Ireland. Join Rick for the screening in the Cinemobile at 7 p.m. on Saturday, June 13th.

10-15 June Bologna, Italy
Come see FORGETTING DAD at the Biografilm Festival. Imagine, an entire festival devoted to film portraits! Screening at 8:30 p.m., June 11 at Cinema Lumière 2.

22-31 May Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Come to the Vancouver premiere of FORGETTING DAD at the Doxa Documentary Film Festival. Screening at 8:30 p.m., Sunday, May 24th at Pacific Cinémathèque.

8-20 May North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
FORGETTING DAD screening at the Stranger Than Fiction film series in Cologne, Bochum and Münster.

8-17 May Warsaw, Poland
Polish premiere of FORGETTING DAD at Planete Doc Review. Come see the film and hear Rick give a master class following the screening on May 13th.

7-16 May Tel Aviv, Israel
Israeli premiere of FORGETTING DAD at DocAviv. Come see the film on the big screen before it makes it to Israeli TV later this year.

6-9 May Toronto, Canada
Canadian premiere of FORGETTING DAD at North America's largest documentary film festival HotDocs. Playing in the World Showcase section at two of Toronto's most beautiful cinemas. Rick will be there for both screenings and numerous extra events so drop by and say hi. Screenings: Wed. May 6, 7:30 p.m. The Royal Cinema, Sat. May 9, 4 p.m. Bloor Cinema,
Kickstart panel "Writing of Documentary," Wed., May 6th, 1-2:15 p.m., Rogers Industry Centre - Victoria College, Filmmaker Conference Session #6: Filmmaker Tag, Friday, May 8th, 2-4 p.m., Rogers Industry Centre,

15-22 April Berlin, Germany
At last, the long-awaited Berlin premiere of FORGETTING DAD! Join the film crew for the big bash at the lovely Babylon cinema on Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz in Mitte on Sat. April 18th at 6 p.m. The film is screening in the "Made in Berlin-Brandenburg" section of the Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Award film festival. Additional screenings: Monday, April 20th at 10 p.m. in Babylon 3 and Wednesday, April 21st at 5:30 p.m. in the Passage 2 cinema in Neukölln.

4 April Durham, North Carolina, USA
North American premiere of FORGETTING DAD at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival. I hear great things about Full Frame, and am delighted that they've finally accepted one of my films. So come out and see it. Screening Saturday, April 4 at 1:30 p.m. in Cinema Three.

27 March - 21 April Brazil
We're thrilled that FORGETTING DAD has been selected for the international competition at South America's leading documentary festival It's All True - É Tudo Verdade. Join Rick and his son Jonathan (who plays a minor role in the film) for the last two screenings in São Paolo. All screenings are free so there's no excuse to not come. The festival takes place in Rio de Janeiro, São Paolo and Brasília. Screenings:

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro-RJ) - March 27, 20:30
Unibanco Arteplex (Rio de Janeiro-RJ) - March 28 - 22:30
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro-RJ) - March 29 - 18:30

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo - SP) - March 31 - 15:00
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (São Paulo - SP) - April 3 - 19:00
Cinesesc (São Paolo - SP) - April 5 - 17:00

Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Brasília - DF) - April 19 - 18:30
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (Brasília - DF) - April 21 - 16:30

26 March - 4 April Belfast, Northern Ireland
FORGETTING DAD will have its UK and Ireland premiere in the Maysles Brothers Documentary Competition of the 9th Jameson Belfast Film Festival. Pretty amusing considering it's such an un-Maysles Brothers type of film. But hey, who's complaining. So check it out at the Queen's Film Theater QFT, Sunday 29 March at 5 p.m.

27-28 February Columbia, Missouri, USA
Sneak preview of FORGETTING DAD at the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri. Matt and Rick were thrilled when festival directors Paul and David invited us back three years after HOMEMADE HILLBILLY JAM was the closing night film at True/False. So come to the screenings and hang out with us! And keep your eyes out for some special guests from the film. Screenings: Friday, Feb. 27th, Little Ragtag, 10:30 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 28, 1 p.m. Windsor Cinema. Also come see Rick on the panel "Families: They F***You Up" Sunday, March 1st at 4 p.m. in the Forrest Theater.

26 January - 1 February Saarbrücken, Germany,
Join the crew of FORGETTING DAD for the German premiere at the 30th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Germany's most prestigious festival for emerging filmmakers. Screening times: Wed., 28 Jan., 18:00 Filmhaus, Thursday, 29 Jan. 14.30 Cinestar 3 (jury screening), Sat. 31 Jan. 13.00 Cinestar 3.

23 January - 2 February Göteborg, Sweden
Scandinavian premiere of FORGETTING DAD at the the 32nd Göteborg International Film Festival - the largest and most important film festival in Scandinavia. Rick will be at the screenings on Jan. 26th and 27th.